Friday, August 26, 2011

Aquarium - Quest The Artist

Through this journey that I have been embarking on, I have met some extremely interesting people. People who have motivated me to be the best at whatever it is that I choose to embark on.  In this case: Fashion.  I live for style and aesthetic. I embrace everything that feeds positivity into my universe.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge, style, desire, passion and what I pray to be life long friendships. I think I got my swagger back *not that I ever lost it*.

This song is from a good friend that has contributed to this journey when it mattered the most. Enjoy, listen to the lyrics...they're heavy! I owe you one bro!!

jag saint heard, bespoke

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why did I have to grow up...

So yea, I have been on this trouser kick lately?  It's crazy, because at one point I slept with jeans on, lol. No, but honestly, my love for jeans is slowly dwindling. I think I am growing up, you know, putting the childish things away *But in doses, it's a transition. Judge me not.*

More recently, trousers just speak to me! Well, since we're being candid and honest, I didn't completely get rid of denim; I just thought it would be cool to make some denim trousers.
The thing is, I get bored with the same look from time to time, so I like to experiment with new looks, but keep it sensible and original.  My style varies, so the quirkiest things sometimes irk me. Little things must be in order or I'd go crazy. From the way I wear my pants right below or on my hips. How the opening of the hem of my pant must be a min and sometimes a max of 8" wide. Even my shirt can't go past a certain length, it has to fall past my hips comfortably.  Wow, am I really that weird? I guess I am. It made me who I am today... Jag Saint Joi! It is what it is. 

I understand that a distinction in the designer of a brand speaks to the instinct in their vision when creating; it's essential to be in-tuned. Gon get you some knowledge, I’m selling it for color thread and needles.

Jag Saint Joi... Be Heard, Bespoken!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's make a toast!

Let’s make a toast... to Jag Saint Joi!


New logo, more dope pieces, more inspiration and a side split cotton varsity!

Wait, huh? A side split cotton varsity. Like, a jacket, yes, a jacket. o_O

Ha, yo I'm going to freestyle this blog. It’s been very long while and I am not going to make an excuse. I will just write like my last post was yesterday, lol. Why wouldn’t I, it’s my blog and I can do me, right? I am literally sitting on my couch surfing the web and seeing a myriad of things that are inspiring the h*ll out of me. It’s crazy! More than anything I respect it! It’s beyond liberating to see people doing everything in their will to make a dream a reality. It’s just crazy, that’s the only way I can express the feeling.

Nothing really to say... just like monograms, the details speak for me. 

Jag Saint Joi...Be heard, Bespoken!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

It's all in the collar...

I’m mad rude. I know I know, I hear it everyday when people inquire about why I haven't blogged! I’ve embraced the rudeness and intertwined it into my turn my style has become a little disrespectful and rude...sorry, I can't help it *shrugs shoulder*. I mean my style is just...just "different" some categorize it as disrespectful with a hint of rudeness but in the most respectful way, lol. It's so not intentional! But you know the rude? The rude when someone never speaks? The worst right? Well, I live by my brand... "Be heard, Bespoke" and with that I rarely speak but I will be heard with bespoke. Why speak when my style does the talking? LOL! *I'm not really rude, I just make clothes* 
No, on a more serious note. It has been a long while and I owe yall some fire pieces. I’ve definitely been sewing but I’ve been keeping them secret because I wanted to add them to the collection so I couldn’t show too much. On top of that, work is kickin my ***, but it’s only inspiration for me to go harder on the sewing machine...just creating my passion.

I won’t talk your head off but here is the coat that I was raving about in the video in "Face Fall Off" that literally had faces fallin off when I wore it. Gon get you some. I’m taking orders and the line starts after "dope" right behind “as h*ll”. Get it, h*ll, lol. I’m a little corny from time to time...sue me.

...Be heard, Bespoke

And you already know that collar does more tricks than a magician...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Face Fall Off

So this is just a quick video I made, no editting (Sorry, I didn't have my stylist or barber on set... they were on vacation, lol). But this is just a day and life of Jag Saint Joi and the 'Joi' I experience when I go to the fabric store. I was extremely excited at what I found, that I had to record myself because none of my friends would answer their phones... losers, lol. But, I'm happy they didn't answer because I would not have made this video! So thanks to all my awesome non-phone answering friends, lol. You are loved!

But I had to set up this story because this coat is probably one of my favorite coats. I know I say that about all my pieces, but all my pieces are dope tho (pats self on back, Thanks God, you're the greatest!). What can I say *shrugs shoulders*

I'm not a videographer but I can hold down a sewing machine and any kind of fabric and edit, cut, paste, repeat and make up a dope clothing piece in NO time... with a little time left over to do ANOTHER homemade video. Who wants to bet on that? I got $5 on it!!

Be heard, Bespoken... Jag Saint Joi (@jagsaintjoi)

Feel free to comment...I welcome it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not your typical blog, but where's my shirt!!!

This would be a dope shirt if I still had it in my possession.
Story: I was sending this to my lil bro @ChiTwnPrnce for a Christmas gift to take with him overseas to London, Paris and Rome for the holiday's to do some sales for me. You know, trying to kick off the brand internationally (along with Jag Saint Joi accessories). Unfortunately, that was not the case, because somebody at USPS (United States Postal Service) or in his building has my Chambray w/leather trim custom Jag Saint Joi shirt on their back and clearly it should NOT be on their back.

I'm mad but not really (anymore), there’s always a positive to every negative situation. Although baby bro didn’t get his shirt, somebody opened the package, looked inside, sized up the shirt, thought it was dope and kept it for themselves. So, I am doing something right!!! Eureka! You know you made it when the post office is high jacking packages and jeopardizing their jobs to be Jag Saint Joi fresh (insert sarcasm)... So, I can’t say I'm mad, just confused (WHERE'S MY SHIRT??). But if I would’ve seen the shirt, I would rock it hard body too, so again, I can't be that mad. Whomever has stole it has dope style and a day and half fresher.

My only regret...I didn’t tag it...lesson learned here...GET DOPER and Tag 'Errthang! Word to the culprit, the brand is Jag Saint Joi FYI, so watch me work because when I see you, I will work you while the crowd watches me (beat the brakes off you, literally, lol (no joke)).

Be heard. Bespoken...Jag Saint Joi (@jagsaintjoi)

Monday, January 10, 2011

You got your sleeves, now what?

So, I have to be completely honest...when I was making this coat and it was at the “vest” stage I was convinced to stop and leave it as the vest and just add more detail. It was so dope, it was that one of those times when you’re stuck with two good options.

One is a dope mistake and the other is meant to purposely be dope. It was definitely a battle to make the choice, listen; it took me a two whole days to make the choice (that's a long time to put creative juices on hold). After I discovered that my style didn’t call for a vest, nor was I about to go and purchase a plethora of hoodies just to make a vest make sense I decided to stick to the plan. In this case my decision ended up being the best decision, only because I made the decision best for me! I went with my gut; my creative juices had blended up a concoction that resulted in a phenomenal winter piece that is once again, one of a kind, unique, functional and a Jag Saint Joi favorite. I say that to say a few things:

(1)Make a decision! Nine(9) times out of ten (10), if you’re confident in your ability, what you see as a failure will be one of your greatest me!
(2) Watch me work

(3) This coat is one my favorites because guess what? My mistakes created the details and the details are Jag Saint Joi. I don’t pride myself on making the mistake but I do pride myself on making mistakes. Kinda like falling down 9 times and getting up 10. But this time around, my fall was protected by a leather trimmed, quilted down denim coat with navy suede elbow patches...LOL (sorry I had to laugh, it sounded fresh typing it)

You don’t have to listen to me, but I will be heard...

-Leather trimmed pockets
-Leather adjustable wrist tabs
-Denim piping on inner lining
-Suede elbow patches
-Bamboo toggle buttons (collar stays)
-Adjustable waist
-Functional Collar that operates in 3 different uses

...Any questions?? I mean really, really dude!!

-Be heard, Bespoken

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleeves please...

Yessss! Jag Saint Joi is STILL in full effect! You didn't think I was done did you? Naw, you gotta know better then that. Because I don’t blog as frequent doesn’t mean I'm not putting in work. I’ve been going in! Knocking out meetings, sealing deals, creating, debating and cultivating a part of me that I didn't even know existed. For some strange reason this go round, things are different, in a great way tho.

Inspiration has never been so potent, so transparent. But it is! And I'm not mad at it. This collection is me, the part of me that everyone loves. Yea, it's possible, not everyone loves everything about me but it's one thing that you will respect and love about me...I promise you. It's like the money back guarantee, who doesn't have confidence in that policy? But guess what? Meet Jag Saint Joi, Jag Saint Joi meet quality the level of confidence that can only be express through fabric.

This collection is necessary! It’s the complex simplicity in life. The feeling that can't be expressed; only witnessed, so watch me work!

...But in the meantime, I have been creating pieces to keep the daily motivation cycling and healthy. Since the weather is taking no prisoners I needed a coat to weather this bitterly cold storm. So why not make a quilted denim, leather trim down coat. Sounds DOPE right? Because it is, Ha, check it!

That's not it...its more where that came from...Get Fresh Campaign just got fresher!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jag Saint Joi - I'm Happy!

Bundle up in a denim Jag Saint Joi bubble...coat that is - collar popped, hands in leather trimmed pockets *hey, I’m detailed, literally*, I walk the streets of New York with my samples. All of a sudden I felt something hit me. It wasn’t that something actually hit me, but an uncontrollable amount of passion surfaced that could only be described in three words...Jag Saint Joi! A smile covered my face in pure 'Joi'! How do I bottle this moment, these words, and this emotion? Liberated yet flabbergasted, I couldn’t grasp the basic principals of how to even formulate the letters of the alphabet to create a word.

I felt so good in my own skin that I was jealous of myself. Laughing at the fact that this collection is a lesson in fashion 1(0)1 is bananas. Why 1(0)1, because...

...Actually, let’s table that discussion for a more mature conversation. I want to make certain you’re ready. So let me prep you, but in the meantime, I am about to teach and transform the whole game believer by believer, don't worry, I have time. Trust me! I’m so in love with this fashion game and the participants, it’s inspirational and plus I'll be here for a while, a long while.

See, you can either conform or be formed, you pick your poison but Jag Saint Joi will form and re-create imagines through fabrics. It will be unfair if didn’t share this experience with you, but a word to the wise, if you’re going to do,"DO" fashion, be heard, bespoken!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspired Inspiration...

They never told me when I was growing up that inspiration is conceived through anything and transpired from everything. Maybe I didn’t pay attention in life 101? I guess I could never understand that I was part of the “any and everything” that inspiration came from. Never knew that I could challenge myself...convince myself to be so inspired by the “me” one told me ---- no one ever told me? Maybe it was meant for me to find out through the garments I create? Maybe that’s why each piece I design is a story in itself. Yea, you heard me right; each piece that I create is a story within itself. Jag Saint Joi is a story, an evolution and if you stick around, you will be able to evolve with the vision of a visionary and be inspired by your own inspiration.

This video is a quick video that was inspired by my own inspiration, I hope you enjoy, it’s a continuation of
I Get it now!