Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's make a toast!

Let’s make a toast... to Jag Saint Joi!


New logo, more dope pieces, more inspiration and a side split cotton varsity!

Wait, huh? A side split cotton varsity. Like, a jacket, yes, a jacket. o_O

Ha, yo I'm going to freestyle this blog. It’s been very long while and I am not going to make an excuse. I will just write like my last post was yesterday, lol. Why wouldn’t I, it’s my blog and I can do me, right? I am literally sitting on my couch surfing the web and seeing a myriad of things that are inspiring the h*ll out of me. It’s crazy! More than anything I respect it! It’s beyond liberating to see people doing everything in their will to make a dream a reality. It’s just crazy, that’s the only way I can express the feeling.

Nothing really to say... just like monograms, the details speak for me. 

Jag Saint Joi...Be heard, Bespoken!

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