Monday, May 17, 2010


*Smiles* At this point I’m pretty sure you’re use to my “inconsistency”, but in reality it’s not inconsistency, it’s life...I’m seriously busy, no, like for real *laughing thee entire time as I type this message*. I really miss this (blogging), I miss you guys, I miss the love and that’s not a good feeling. Sometimes you get caught up with the wrong things and it skews your perspective, its like wasting energy focusing on so many things oppose to tuning in on the pertinent task or not being definite with the infinite.

Well, on a better note I have created some things that I will share in due time. I told yall that I bought a new sewing machine so I’ve put in work kid. I created a few items that are guaranteed to spark conversation. You know, like the small talk, like, “I really like your shirt” or a look from that person 3 people away who continues to stare but is too prideful to give a compliment. You know who you are and yes, 9 times out of 10...your actions speak louder than words, so thank you in advance for the compliment, because I know my shirt is’s jags saint joi...duh!

Lol!!! Yall thought because I was gone I changed, *sucks teeth* that’s probably a lie, I’m like the Sun in my own mind. Sometimes the clouds block me and my potential to change lives is taken for granted. But some days everyone loves and enjoys me but no matter the condition without my energy, a great percentage of life is non-existence. Bold statement right? Naw, not even, sometimes audacity is necessary!