Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleeves please...

Yessss! Jag Saint Joi is STILL in full effect! You didn't think I was done did you? Naw, you gotta know better then that. Because I don’t blog as frequent doesn’t mean I'm not putting in work. I’ve been going in! Knocking out meetings, sealing deals, creating, debating and cultivating a part of me that I didn't even know existed. For some strange reason this go round, things are different, in a great way tho.

Inspiration has never been so potent, so transparent. But it is! And I'm not mad at it. This collection is me, the part of me that everyone loves. Yea, it's possible, not everyone loves everything about me but it's one thing that you will respect and love about me...I promise you. It's like the money back guarantee, who doesn't have confidence in that policy? But guess what? Meet Jag Saint Joi, Jag Saint Joi meet quality the level of confidence that can only be express through fabric.

This collection is necessary! It’s the complex simplicity in life. The feeling that can't be expressed; only witnessed, so watch me work!

...But in the meantime, I have been creating pieces to keep the daily motivation cycling and healthy. Since the weather is taking no prisoners I needed a coat to weather this bitterly cold storm. So why not make a quilted denim, leather trim down coat. Sounds DOPE right? Because it is, Ha, check it!

That's not it...its more where that came from...Get Fresh Campaign just got fresher!

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