Friday, February 4, 2011

Face Fall Off

So this is just a quick video I made, no editting (Sorry, I didn't have my stylist or barber on set... they were on vacation, lol). But this is just a day and life of Jag Saint Joi and the 'Joi' I experience when I go to the fabric store. I was extremely excited at what I found, that I had to record myself because none of my friends would answer their phones... losers, lol. But, I'm happy they didn't answer because I would not have made this video! So thanks to all my awesome non-phone answering friends, lol. You are loved!

But I had to set up this story because this coat is probably one of my favorite coats. I know I say that about all my pieces, but all my pieces are dope tho (pats self on back, Thanks God, you're the greatest!). What can I say *shrugs shoulders*

I'm not a videographer but I can hold down a sewing machine and any kind of fabric and edit, cut, paste, repeat and make up a dope clothing piece in NO time... with a little time left over to do ANOTHER homemade video. Who wants to bet on that? I got $5 on it!!

Be heard, Bespoken... Jag Saint Joi (@jagsaintjoi)

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