Monday, July 26, 2010

Ring around my collar...

Lol, yo the shirt is CRAZY! I can see the finish line and its leather *shocked face*. So, I told you that I love anticipation but only when I’m in control, of course, lol. I could not hold out any longer I had to show the shirt and I’m about 95% done. It’s classic and timeless definitely going in the jag saint joi archive. I will say out of all of my pieces that I’ve sewn I’m really proud of this one. Solely because it’s a milestone for me. Taking a hiatus from sewing and not even looking at my machine for months, then coming back to and sewing such a difficult piece. Sewing leather is confirmation that I am designed for this. I create, design and deliver promises son! Pieces that make me (and you) feel good about actually using my God-given talents...this is what I love to do and I will only to get better in time.
I was able to see further than the giant when I was standing on his “shoulder”. But please don’t get me wrong, it was very difficult but I pushed through it and I think I delivered. Well actually, I know I delivered; I’m not even going to sell myself short. I DIG IT!! When you see me out with it on, act like you don’t know me because I’m telling you now and on THIS day, today, lol...I WILL act like I don’t know you, lol, because the shirt is just that dope!
I say I’m 95% done because I initially had this vision for plastics buttons, you know something simple and classic, nothing to overt. As I’m rummaging through my button stash looking for a clear plastic button, a leather button oh so conveniently pops up *I almost went nuts at 2am in the morning when I saw that button, I was so geeked*. The button matched the trimming and accents so well, I stop production for this introduction into a world of freshness. It was an induction ceremony for that button, lol. I literally sat there for 10 mins beyond ecstatic but yet sooo mad because I only had one...the woooorst! I was livid but with a smile on my face *you know, like when it’s your surprise birthday party and your mom invited Jimmy, knowing good and well you HATE this kid and she got the side eye* yea, I was that kinda of livid but with a smile. And the results are in...
But, I really love detail, not too much but just enough to prove a point and to subtly request attention with NO words...I deliver? Maybe not? Nah, you’re lying, I know I did. *Don’t even know why I asked that question*. I'm so focused, blurring out the background, got tunnel vision right now, Ugh, it's nasty. I LOVE THIS!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My happy place...

Please fabric store don’t hate me because I was the last to leave...

So, of course on my way to the fabric store my mind was racing since it had been a month or so since the last time I had actually sewn or created anything. With the adrenaline from the photoshoot, it didn’t help the anticipation; I was R-E-A-D-Y to give you guys what you've been waiting for. Fire! No actually, ‘Fiyah’. Typically when I go to a fabric store I go with no real intention except for letting my “juices” flow. I never know what to create nor do I go with a concept in mind...I just show up, champion it to win it! Yep Yep! *I usually win. Hey, I’m not being arrogant it’s me feeding positivity into my universe...don’t judge me.*

When I get there I people watch, imagine what could be, find one dope piece of fabric and build off that. I’m usually in this crazy zone where I spend hours on in - in the store. So much that random people ALWAYS ask me questions because they think I work there. I know half the staff, so I think a discount is in order *please someone from the fabric store read this blog, I promise I will do right by your fabric*. I spend so much time there because I wish I could buy the entire role of fabric just for the jag saint joi archives. But if you know jag saint joi; it’s a classic line, aiming towards timeless pieces that your kids will be able to wear in 2056. That’s how classic I strive to be. I love this, I love classic items! I zone in on material, fabric, detail, cuts and patterns...because “NOW” last forever. Today will always envy tomorrow’s hope, so jag saint joi strives to be timeless...forever relevant!

But back to my fabric store excursion *I have got to get better at staying on task*, I spent an immense amount of time in the leather section at the fabric store. I have been dying to put leather to work but the bad thing is...I’ve never sewn leather before and I know it’s a monster to do. But there’s nothing that jag saint joi can’t do: nothing, I tell ya. They say a midget standing on the shoulder of a giant can see further than the giant. Well, I politely tapped the “apprehension of sewing leather” on the shoulder (“apprehension” is the shoulder of the giant for those of you that can’t keep up, lol), it turn around and looked me in the eye and I climbed up and stood on the “giants” shoulders. I can now say I have successfully sewn a leather piece…well not exactly; I’m sewing it as we speak. It’s a mix blend of *****? I actually can’t tell you. I think I can show you better than I can tell you. I told yall I love anticipation...especially when I’m the one in control, lol. I will say this is one of the doper pieces that jag saint joi has created...I pinky swear, stick a needle in my eye.

...I’ll stop teasing and show you the dopeness that ensued. Can’t wait til the fall to rock it, this WILL be part of the collection, definitely, so put in your bid and tell me your shirt size...Oh wait, what you say? “So, I’m fancy, huh”? *smiles* Yeaaa I am, so send me your dimensions, we make to order in these parts!

Trying to stay FOCUSED...

...all while blurring out the “background”. Motivation my friend, is back, and it feels so good! This week has been a very historic week for a number of reasons. The number one reason was conceived when I was at a photoshoot, shooting one of my bestfriends pictures. I didn’t create any of the pieces, I know, silly me right?!?! But the next shoot...all me! And this is where the story began...

As Elton (the new homie) is shooting her and she’s changing into different pieces I’m thinking to myself, “there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be changing into jag saint joi for this shoot”. Like don’t get me wrong, sis was dope, but not jag saint joi dope, now that’s another level of dopeness, that only a few have witnessed firsthand. I know I can be a little stingy at first, but for some reason I'm addicted to exclusivity, ahh, go figure!

But then I experienced a “moment of clarity” Elton is shooting, Bria is styling, fixing hair and make-up, my lovely TP (she’s just dope) set up the wardrobe something sick, did the hair and styled as well. I’m just sitting there in a zone, measuring things up and BOOM in that moment, I heard talking, no pictures being flicked, no direction from Elton, no cars, no background noise, no nothing...all I heard was success and the essence of silence for a focused mind to mosey and my friend, my mind did just that, I focused. The vision became so transparent and the motivation started churning like "The little Engine that could".

I got that feeling you get when you know that even in your worst, you’re still the best, the best that will EVER do it...a champion! And in that “moment of clarity” I was focused, so focused, that everything in the “background” was a blur. Do you understand that? Re-read that, matter of fact I’ll repeat it, “and that “moment of clarity” I was so focused that everything in the “background” was a blur”

Chew on that, because it’s so much deeper than you think...if you’re new to this blog, I’ll give you a hint. The background isn’t only noise; unwanted things and people can be the “background” in your everyday life. So despite the distortion, stay focused!

The day after the shoot...I went to the fabric store. Ahahahaha!! I laugh because when you see what I'm creating, you will become focused. On jagsaintjoi, it ain't for everybody!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So I get a phone call today asking happen to me?...

My response: Huh? What happen to who? Me? Nothing, what are you talking about, I just ran 4 miles bro and I’m about clean my body why are you patronizing me with a million questions about absolutely nothing?

This guy had questioned my lifestyle, like literally...hold on hold on, please clear your mind of ANY silly thoughts. He questioned my motivation and my reason for not blogging lately. And with that said, my excuses started to flow, lol

{I began to think of all the reasons as to why I wasn’t blogging, why I hadn’t been faithfully sewing everyday like I use to and I think in that moment before I realized, my excuses where pretty lame and untruthful when the reality was...}

My response: Honestly, I let one person single-handedly strip away a huge chunk of my dream without even asking permission. It had happen so fast.

He Replied: What are you missing? What needs to be done to get you back to taking me on this journey. I use to wake up with anticipation of reading your blog but you been killing me lately *clearly gas’in me up and yes, I fell for it*

My response *Still gas’d up*: For real man, that touch my heart, naw I’m playing I didn’t say that but I did break down the dynamic of my inspiration lately and how it has shifted to another dimension.

Despite the contrary I have been thinking about this more than anything but when the unexpected happens, you need to be ready and unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for the “worst” (so I thought it was at the time). But, I bounce back like a spring loaded pogo stick...I’m just too dope to be left compressed and confined. I need to release and take that leap, so I’m here to reclaim the fame. Say something!?!? If you question my dopeness...I question you, as a person, lol. No really but I do tho *smirks, thinks about erasing that line but opts out*

I must admit that conversation between him and I (well me just talking) definitely inspired me to get back to pecking away at the keyboard and pressing the foot pedal on my sewing machine. So here I am, I’m back now, get hype, no really, get hype because I’m about to unleash on you youngin’s...jag saint joi