Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative creator...

"Is this really happening", I exclaimed while opening the door to leave the shop. She crossed my path, looked me in the eye, and as a complete stranger, she smiled and said, “Yes, it's happening.” With no idea as to what I was referring too, but she felt my energy and was compelled to supply the confirmation and tell me, "Yes, it's actually happening."

...and at the moment confirmation exemplified it's meaning so validly that it became an emotion. I was left with a smile on my face. It was one of the best and most genuine feelings that I have felt in a while.

The feeling rooted from a 3 hr meeting I had to discuss the merchandising plan for Jag Saint Joi. "Yo, this is a movement and Jag Saint Joi needs to move in the movement, we have the resources. You got it, so give it! The greatest gifts in life aren't the gifts you receive but the gifts you give. Sew seeds bro, literally." *When I heard this come out of his mouth, at this point I was lost for words*
Through the meeting and random conversations at one point he asked, "What's your inspiration?"

Ummm, my inspiration comes from everywhere. I think it's safe to say most of it comes from people, their personalities and way of life.

Well you mentioned your dad and the way he dresses. *In total confusion* I responded, "I think he dresses weird, because he is so structured but yet so unconventional...he is always dressed up but with no where to go, everyday!

He replied, "So you’re telling me he dresses identical to "your guy", the same guy whose lifestyle you want the Jag Saint Joi guy to represent, *but of course with somewhere to go*?" *Caught red handed*

Was my inspiration in front of me for the last 20+ yrs and I never embraced it? Did this guy just decipher the code I had been diligently seeking for years?

*Tilts head and looks up* I think the man that created the man that created me, just created a creative monster that will create creative creations just because the creator created me and allowed me to create this creative creation called Jag Saint Joi. So unconventional... read it again, and again...and again and I promise you'll process it. If not please inquire within *drops mic and walks away*. Watch me fly with no wings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Humble Beginnings...

Through the last few weeks I have been a zombie. It seems like the days have gotten shorter and the nights even shorter. No one ever told me success and fulfilling a dream took a great amount of sacrifice. I know this all sounds like a "duh" moment but living in that moment is a lot different from reading it. I'm learning despite the level of talent and passion you have for a dream, hard work pays off only when hard work is put in to pay off not working so hard. And with that said, when I asked this question, I laughed, sat up in my chair at full attention and said, "excuse me while I tell you a secret..."

Why does the world need another Fashion Designer?

The underlying question here is why doesn’t the world need another fashion designer? I believe you know how it feels when you have a burning desire for life that gives you a better reason to wake up than the sun.

Every day is a fortune given, where I am afforded the chance to explore the possibilities within fashion. Not too long ago I found the biggest possibility there is, and realized that I could distinctively inspire others through a world of fabrics, measurements and styles. The world needs another designer because I am on a mission of creative expression with hand-sewn garments that tailor a lifestyle.I don’t know how, but sewing and creating is an innate skill; finding this skill compromised doubt and solidified optimism in my future. That same optimism breathes character into every garment and energizes an inner resilience to stand against inhibition.

My clothing is designed for a unique purpose that allows participation in what I love to categorize as an “Evolution of Confidence;” incorporating a desire through a mixture of fabrics that creates an immaculate piece and tells a story.

I believe that passion needs no validation to be relevant, and for that very reason I am determined to create this brand, this confidence, this lifestyle; that will be a unique vessel, expressing persona through visual interpretation. This is why the world needs another me; a fashion designer of lifestyle.