Friday, May 6, 2011

It's all in the collar...

I’m mad rude. I know I know, I hear it everyday when people inquire about why I haven't blogged! I’ve embraced the rudeness and intertwined it into my turn my style has become a little disrespectful and rude...sorry, I can't help it *shrugs shoulder*. I mean my style is just...just "different" some categorize it as disrespectful with a hint of rudeness but in the most respectful way, lol. It's so not intentional! But you know the rude? The rude when someone never speaks? The worst right? Well, I live by my brand... "Be heard, Bespoke" and with that I rarely speak but I will be heard with bespoke. Why speak when my style does the talking? LOL! *I'm not really rude, I just make clothes* 
No, on a more serious note. It has been a long while and I owe yall some fire pieces. I’ve definitely been sewing but I’ve been keeping them secret because I wanted to add them to the collection so I couldn’t show too much. On top of that, work is kickin my ***, but it’s only inspiration for me to go harder on the sewing machine...just creating my passion.

I won’t talk your head off but here is the coat that I was raving about in the video in "Face Fall Off" that literally had faces fallin off when I wore it. Gon get you some. I’m taking orders and the line starts after "dope" right behind “as h*ll”. Get it, h*ll, lol. I’m a little corny from time to time...sue me.

...Be heard, Bespoke

And you already know that collar does more tricks than a magician...


  1. hmmmm ok. let me get on sending you my measurements. your clothes give me life.

    -an african in rome

  2. You killing them with your collars bruh