Monday, October 18, 2010

Controlled chaotic thoughts...

Hoody covers my head just enough that it falls at top of my eyelids as the light from the Mac illuminates my face. Oh and me, a little cold from the breeze of a cracked window. The wind blows the lit candle and triggers a movement in my shadow reflecting off the wall. Idle for about 5 minutes, Jag Saint Joi bounces off my screen saver, music plays in the background...snaps out of a daze and emotion rushes to my eyes but somehow the output of this emotion ended at my fingertips...

As I write this blog, thoughts are going about, ummm, a mile a minute, literally. Excuse these random thoughts, but the flow of my craft has now settled at my fingertips. This feeling is an emotion that seems to emulate a piece of fabric in-between my hand and my sewing machine: second nature! The thoughts that are transpiring have created a sensation internally that can only be felt by those who have been on this journey with me.

But through this journey, I realized I’m creating this vision and giving insight that no other designer has given. This is something phenomenal; respect my vision! This journey just got real, so real I began to understand the steps that I had already taken were already ordered. The people involved that I’m “meeting along the way” were already there like toll collectors awaiting my arrival: Prophecy! Divine intervention: an innate creativity afforded to me by someone bigger than you and I can imagine...

...but imagine this...getting an email from a very dear friend who believes in you more than you believe yourself. A friend that believes in your story and in your brand, more than you do. I sent a “project” to her for feedback for Jag Saint Joi, her relentless response:

THIS IS ILL!!! Seriously, F’in ILL!! This is what I see for Jag Saint Joi. This is gritty, in the trenches with the brand. This makes you accessible to the public. We’re part of the movement. Living the Jag Saint Joi lifestyle. I AM DONE!!! This sh*t is SICK!”

...Talk about unprecedented hype and motivation (Thanks Kim)

I’m building up to a crucial story and it’s a reason for this blog...I got something for you but since I’ve release a beast that’s deeper than the crease in a tuxedo pant with leather side strips off a tweed fabric made by Jag Saint Joi, I’ll hold off on THAT story. I will expose the likes of my recent encounter in my next blog. I just served you a platter of Jag Saint Joi in the most vulnerable and innocent state that my angel just might be jealous because this post was so pure at heart.

-Be Heard, Bespoken...Jag Saint Joi