Thursday, February 25, 2010

Losing my mind...

Seriously, I must be losing my mind for making you wait this long. So much is going on to the point I had to bounce back and resuscitate my heart...jag saint joi, ahhhh and it feels so good! How are you? That’s good! Well, I’m great, thanks for asking!

Where do I start? The things I’ve seen through these past few weeks has been so reminiscent of what I’ve envisioned for my line and this journey that I wake up with aching cheeks from smiling from my dreams. But I must admit, it’s difficult when you’re doing things alone, but it’s the greatest joy. I say that because you’re able to step to your own beat, you know, do your own thing. And if you’ve been on this journey with me since day one you already know what it is, if not, I suggestion starting from day one and get familiar with this lifestyle *giggles*.

Ok, so this is where I the old saying goes, "I'm just trying to keep my head above water". Well that’s exactly what I'm doing. My sewing machine broke so I've been out of commission for a while now, sick about it but that doesn’t stop my mental machine. Huh? Yes, I sew and create my ish, I mean stuff...that’s why I’m dope, haha!! I’ve been looking for machines so when I cop new, oh boy...I’m apologizing in advance for the disrespect because I’m guaranteed to create some uncouth items that will blow your mind. I take hiatuses for a reason. I’ll leave you with that to think about!! And for you newcomers...welcome aboard, I deliver...constantly, trust me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All for Love...

Apologies in advance for my absence, did you miss me? Well, I missed you, no really I did *smiling entirely too hard*! Thought about you everyday, so much so that I felt obligated to conjure up the nerve and get back to what makes my heart smile...talking to you. I got hit with some surprising news earlier last week and lets just say what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!! It’s almost like re-inviting you into this journey, but this time around I’m coming even harder and oh, I stopped by the store and coped some things. Huh? What did I get, wow, you guys are extremely too nosey, ok ok, I’ll tell you what I bought. I bought more courage, strength, ambition, motivation (it was on sale so I bought a lot of that), I bought some smiles (actually they were giving those away for free), ummmm, I got some humble juice (it’s so good fyi, you should try it) and a lot more stuff that you’ll see sooner than later! I had to remind myself that all I got is me and jag saint joi will exemplify that plain and simple, I do this "All for Love". This lifestyle is survival of the fittest and I LOVE staying in GREAT shape, can’t you tell? But stay with the kid and I promise you that we in here...TRUST! I got you, so tell your parents, loves one and significant’ll be late for “that”!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pardon me, have you seen "Fresh"...

We have to, simply because we can (pardon us in advance)..."We're so bossy, snitch, get off us, kid, get off us, You can't get ish off us, We're so flossy, no jeans or tees, Laid back, jag saint joi, don't even talk to us". That’s enough for this post. Thank you and see you tomorrow!

...But since we like to inform and deliver we will enlighten you on the 'Pro'gress of the collection. Remember when we posted "Bong" 1/18/10, well we've been in major talks with our manufactures and we had a "heated" silly, we weren't arguing we were purely spitting fire, talking about the Duffle coat that is. The coat will be bananas, we’re making some tweeks, since details are our "Guilty Pleasures" we had to go back to the drawing board and re-visit. But is it us because we personally love to be informed about dopeness! So today we suggest you start saving your pennies because you will need this in your collection. Me no lie *shrugs one shoulder, tilts head simultaneously*! Ever walk out the house and felt like you were out-shining the sun? What? You haven’t, only us? Nah, can’t be true...well we can make you feel that way, it’s easy, three words, jag...saint...joi. Don’t say we never informed you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A million words spoken, without a sound...

Sometimes less is more, but the more you give, less has to be said? So what do you do *shrugs shoulders*? These are some findings that help to perfect our imagery and creativity...we just love sharing photography with you guys. Helps set a tone!

Detail is in the eye of the beholder...look closely, ha! jag saint joi is still diligently working to bring you a tough collection soon. This is a journey for us too, not only you...don't be so selfish, it's enough jag saint joi dopeness for everybody! Perfection and it's attempts take time and quality is not too far behind. Our vision is sick and when we come, it will be in your best interest to tame yourselves because you will go NUTS!

Please help me intrepret...I'm in awe!

No words...classic imagery

Friday, February 5, 2010

Something to Behold...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Surreal...

This post is very random, I know...and, so what, say something *standing in my b-boy stance*! But these types of settings and photos are photos that make us love what we do. We often have these "sessions" when we sit and converse and discuss the future of jag saint joi and what we KNOW will come to past. The pivotal moment that will make this journey much greater and Jerzi always says this, "Dude it’s going to blow our mind when we see a random person we don’t even know wearing jag saint joi", yikes, whew! The funny thing is, every time he says that (even as I post this) my reaction is the same, I pause...look down and shake my head...then I look at him and remain silent in pure bliss as he laughs hysterically at my reaction as if this is the first time I’ve heard him say it. I stare because words simply cannot describe the sentiment that goes along with that. To see somebody literally wearing our "heart" on their sleeve, the thought alone catches me at "hello", insanity I tell ya, AAAYYYEEE!! It purely can’t be expressed, maybe in a millions words, 80 different languages and words that we can’t even pronounce. But you get the gist...
But speaking about somebody I don’t even know wearing jag saint joi, are you that person? I dare you to blow our mind and wear our "heart" on your sleeve. And we'd like to say...Thank you thank you thank you, you’re far to kind!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Picture this...

When duty and opportunity calls, you have to be prepared. Last week and this weekend both called, duty called and opportunity clicked in midway through conversation, craziness, so of course I had to conference in both! We were slightly upset at the fact, like wow, really, that’s how you feel life? Bit overwhelming but the good type, that good feeling when you have too many good options! Can you picture that? Well if not, strap on your seat belts, the journey is about to get better. After talking with duty and opportunity we jumped and walked on water, jag saint joi style right across the Hudson River and made our way to letterpresses, manufacturers, and web designers along with a few more spots. We embraced the insurmountable amount of energy that the city gave off, it was almost unfair, and we felt like the sun was shining only on us! Ever had that feeling, feels good right? So imagine that feeling being exuded though our lifestyle and designs. Imagine literally wearing that about inspiration, ahhh yess! Well, welcome to our week last week, this weekend and the upcoming weeks. Inspiration was received and creativity was tapped into on sooo many levels it was scary. So look out for some official “events”, plans and goals coming into fruition. We’re excited about it and you should be’s a celebration! It’s coming and patience is of a virtue, although we keep a sweater on we never sweat.