Monday, June 13, 2011

Why did I have to grow up...

So yea, I have been on this trouser kick lately?  It's crazy, because at one point I slept with jeans on, lol. No, but honestly, my love for jeans is slowly dwindling. I think I am growing up, you know, putting the childish things away *But in doses, it's a transition. Judge me not.*

More recently, trousers just speak to me! Well, since we're being candid and honest, I didn't completely get rid of denim; I just thought it would be cool to make some denim trousers.
The thing is, I get bored with the same look from time to time, so I like to experiment with new looks, but keep it sensible and original.  My style varies, so the quirkiest things sometimes irk me. Little things must be in order or I'd go crazy. From the way I wear my pants right below or on my hips. How the opening of the hem of my pant must be a min and sometimes a max of 8" wide. Even my shirt can't go past a certain length, it has to fall past my hips comfortably.  Wow, am I really that weird? I guess I am. It made me who I am today... Jag Saint Joi! It is what it is. 

I understand that a distinction in the designer of a brand speaks to the instinct in their vision when creating; it's essential to be in-tuned. Gon get you some knowledge, I’m selling it for color thread and needles.

Jag Saint Joi... Be Heard, Bespoken!
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  1. Pu..your are amazing and you inspire me.

  2. One day. The world will see Jag Saint Joi beyond this blog. Stop holding your talent hostage.

  3. Awesome! You are incredibly talented.