Monday, January 10, 2011

You got your sleeves, now what?

So, I have to be completely honest...when I was making this coat and it was at the “vest” stage I was convinced to stop and leave it as the vest and just add more detail. It was so dope, it was that one of those times when you’re stuck with two good options.

One is a dope mistake and the other is meant to purposely be dope. It was definitely a battle to make the choice, listen; it took me a two whole days to make the choice (that's a long time to put creative juices on hold). After I discovered that my style didn’t call for a vest, nor was I about to go and purchase a plethora of hoodies just to make a vest make sense I decided to stick to the plan. In this case my decision ended up being the best decision, only because I made the decision best for me! I went with my gut; my creative juices had blended up a concoction that resulted in a phenomenal winter piece that is once again, one of a kind, unique, functional and a Jag Saint Joi favorite. I say that to say a few things:

(1)Make a decision! Nine(9) times out of ten (10), if you’re confident in your ability, what you see as a failure will be one of your greatest me!
(2) Watch me work

(3) This coat is one my favorites because guess what? My mistakes created the details and the details are Jag Saint Joi. I don’t pride myself on making the mistake but I do pride myself on making mistakes. Kinda like falling down 9 times and getting up 10. But this time around, my fall was protected by a leather trimmed, quilted down denim coat with navy suede elbow patches...LOL (sorry I had to laugh, it sounded fresh typing it)

You don’t have to listen to me, but I will be heard...

-Leather trimmed pockets
-Leather adjustable wrist tabs
-Denim piping on inner lining
-Suede elbow patches
-Bamboo toggle buttons (collar stays)
-Adjustable waist
-Functional Collar that operates in 3 different uses

...Any questions?? I mean really, really dude!!

-Be heard, Bespoken


  1. Looks pretty dope to me, bro. And the collar is sick!

  2. Looks pretty dope to me, bro. And the collar is sick!