Friday, January 28, 2011

Not your typical blog, but where's my shirt!!!

This would be a dope shirt if I still had it in my possession.
Story: I was sending this to my lil bro @ChiTwnPrnce for a Christmas gift to take with him overseas to London, Paris and Rome for the holiday's to do some sales for me. You know, trying to kick off the brand internationally (along with Jag Saint Joi accessories). Unfortunately, that was not the case, because somebody at USPS (United States Postal Service) or in his building has my Chambray w/leather trim custom Jag Saint Joi shirt on their back and clearly it should NOT be on their back.

I'm mad but not really (anymore), there’s always a positive to every negative situation. Although baby bro didn’t get his shirt, somebody opened the package, looked inside, sized up the shirt, thought it was dope and kept it for themselves. So, I am doing something right!!! Eureka! You know you made it when the post office is high jacking packages and jeopardizing their jobs to be Jag Saint Joi fresh (insert sarcasm)... So, I can’t say I'm mad, just confused (WHERE'S MY SHIRT??). But if I would’ve seen the shirt, I would rock it hard body too, so again, I can't be that mad. Whomever has stole it has dope style and a day and half fresher.

My only regret...I didn’t tag it...lesson learned here...GET DOPER and Tag 'Errthang! Word to the culprit, the brand is Jag Saint Joi FYI, so watch me work because when I see you, I will work you while the crowd watches me (beat the brakes off you, literally, lol (no joke)).

Be heard. Bespoken...Jag Saint Joi (@jagsaintjoi)

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  1. I have yet to see a piece I would not rock. Can't wait for our collabo...I know its coming in the near fuutre. #NaijaUnity