Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing left to say...but too much to show!

I know, I know. You don't even have to ask the question because I ask them myself, daily.

Ok, here we go...
Where the {bleep} have you been?
So, you just gon up and leave and not say nothin'?
I HOPE you got something to show for the hiatus?

Yooooooo, I feel bad and there's really no excuse for the absence! I can make up a million reasons as to why I took the long pause but then I'd be claiming defeat and that's not the case by any means! The best and simplest way to describe the reason for the hiatus is the old saying...and then there was one. In the great words of one my fav artist, Fabo..."There's a parallel path 'tween friends and enemies/And whenever you cross it you make friend-emies/There's no remedies for these sick memories/My doctor said there's no cure for the..."

But word, I was in a serious funk on top of a plethora of other things, but thats no excuse and I will admit I was out for the count. A famous quote that helped me get back to 10… "Things like love, need no validation to be relevant." That’s serious and when you decipher and think about it, I promise you will forgive me for the absence and hop back on the journey with me.

But, please do know, I was still Dope with a capital "D" thee entire time, lol. The juices never stop flowing and as a matter of fact the juice is oh so sweet I'mma have ya' jaws know that tingling feeling when your about to eat something hot or savory...yeah yeah yeah, like that! You know the feeling?!?

I miss you as much as you miss me! You miss me right? Cooommme ooonn, make me feel's hard out here for a pimp (not even). You can say you forgot about me but I never forgot about you. The truth is I gave you an overload and you needed a break, so I obliged. Ahahahaha!! I'm baaaaccckkk...EARLY!

I’ll leave you with that since I’m still on probation, don’t be mad for too long. jag saint joi was enjoying the joi’s of jag all while being a saint...follow me nah!