Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jag Saint Joi - I'm Happy!

Bundle up in a denim Jag Saint Joi bubble...coat that is - collar popped, hands in leather trimmed pockets *hey, I’m detailed, literally*, I walk the streets of New York with my samples. All of a sudden I felt something hit me. It wasn’t that something actually hit me, but an uncontrollable amount of passion surfaced that could only be described in three words...Jag Saint Joi! A smile covered my face in pure 'Joi'! How do I bottle this moment, these words, and this emotion? Liberated yet flabbergasted, I couldn’t grasp the basic principals of how to even formulate the letters of the alphabet to create a word.

I felt so good in my own skin that I was jealous of myself. Laughing at the fact that this collection is a lesson in fashion 1(0)1 is bananas. Why 1(0)1, because...

...Actually, let’s table that discussion for a more mature conversation. I want to make certain you’re ready. So let me prep you, but in the meantime, I am about to teach and transform the whole game believer by believer, don't worry, I have time. Trust me! I’m so in love with this fashion game and the participants, it’s inspirational and plus I'll be here for a while, a long while.

See, you can either conform or be formed, you pick your poison but Jag Saint Joi will form and re-create imagines through fabrics. It will be unfair if didn’t share this experience with you, but a word to the wise, if you’re going to do,"DO" fashion, be heard, bespoken!

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